Barış Manço Apartments

Barış Manço Apartments

Technical Specifications

Parking space: On the floor of each parking space for each apartment, will be 24-hour free waiting for you when you arrive home and a privilege of having an empty parking space.

Marble: Entrance, stairs, landings and windowsills, durability and elegance of the marble and is offered to you and will last you many years.

Cloakroom Entrance: the cloakroom entrance, you and your entire family, keychains, wallets, handbags, shoes, coats, umbrellas and so on, all your needs will stand together in an orderly manner.

The lounge and the rooms Color and Model Option: entrance hall, lounge, dining room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom + WC and balconies, with the option of color and model offers the possibility to create your dream home.

PVC Double Glass: PVC double glazing, thermal insulation in your pocket and protect the peace and happiness increase with sound insulation.

Parental private shower in the room: This special shower just for you, using less water,and the possibility of haveing a quick bath.

Fitted Wardrobes: Built-in wardrobes, fully corresponds to your needs and gives you a nice view as well as giving you alot more and you can take less space.

Flooring: hardwood used in the bedrooms, a lovely image will provide you with a stylish and warm environment, quality and relive plus happiness.

Bathroom + Toilet Color and Model Option: Bath + toilet wall tiles tile color options with the possibility to create your own custom home has opened the doors.

Visitor Toilet and Sink: Guest toilet and washbasin, both you and your guests' comfort, plenty of facilities, hygiene and is easier.

Socket lounge and the rooms, TV, Telephone, Air Conditioning Infrastructure: The lounge and the rooms outlet, TV, telephone and air-conditioning of the infrastructure to be ready in the future for you, as well as in your pocket and protect you from dirt and dust occur during the plant's that will keep pouring.

Solar Panels and Water + Water pump: Ground 2 ton, 1 ton tank + solar panels on the roof make you experience a shortage of water and electricity savings by making you pleased in your pocket. Water pump with a little pressure and you will enjoy the water.

Central System Infrastructure: With this system will experience the same temperature as in every corner of your home if you wish.

Insulation: Home insulation, while minimizing maintenance costs will come out of your pocket on a regular basis to protect both your pocket, as well as the building will be much more durable.

Aluminium handrail Protections: ease of cleanup, resistance to corrosion, and the lack of future properties in need of painting the aluminum balcony railing and stairs.

Stairs Sensor Lighting: the apartment as soon as you will save both security and automatic lighting.