About Us

About Us

We Construct Trust

Selba Homes, is a company which is constructing apartments, detached, semi-detached houses and villas. We were established in 2004 by Dervis Ata Tahiroglu. From 2004 until now, our breakthrough projects made us one of the most successful construction companies in Nicosia.

While constructing we take service from the best architectural designers, civil engineers and use the best quality products. That's how and why our customers' trust us. Until now, we have finished all of our projects just on time. We, as Selba Homes, believe that our customers are our mirrors and for their trust we have to work harder and harder.

After Sales Services

Our vision is to make sure that our customers are satisfied with our services in all times. We have to make sure that our customers' needs are all done just on time. Until now we have done our best to satisfy our customers' needs and we are proud of our after sales services.

And yet again we love our customers and we do, do our services in truth, in honesty, with transparency and lastly with geniality.

We, as Selba Homes, believe that your happiness means our success and we will continue to produce more qualified services and improve our quality day by day.